Custom Design Process


Our goal at Caño Soccer is to make the uniform ordering process simple, easy, efficient and headache free! Below are the steps to bring your idea to reality!

1. Custom Uniform Design Created - We have some of the top soccer uniform designer in the world who create our custom designed uniforms. There are dozens of designs to choose from to get started, but from there we will create a fully custom design for your club. We start out by designing 3-4 designs for you based on your interests. From the initial concept designs you choose one you like best and we make any final design changes to meet your specific needs. We require a $200.00 deposit to create the artwork (A good faith deposit)

2. Sample and Sizing - We will mail you some samples so you can choose the fabrics and design details for your kit.  At Caño we only use high quality, light weight and breathable fabrics. We have many fabrics to choose from including traditional soccer fabrics, mesh fabrics and some of the latest state of the art performance fabrics. We will also mail out a set of sizing uniforms to ensure that each player gets a uniform with a perfect fit. A uniform looks best when it fits properly.

3. Finalize your Design, Fabrics, Colors and Details

4. Sizes and Numbers Submitted – To submit your player’s sizes, names and numbers there are a few different options we can provide to you. 1. We can have each family submit their information through an online store that we set up for your club. 2. The names, numbers and sizes can be submitted online to us all at once or by team on our player roster page. 3. You can send us an excel file with all the necessary information. We are flexible…whatever works best for you and your organization. Easy and pain free ordering!

5. Production - Each uniform is handmade one at a time with quality craftsmanship. The process for production includes print files being created for each jersey and short, the artwork is then printed on wide format paper, the paper is then heat pressed so the design is turned into a gas and infused into the fabrics, the fabrics are then laser cut, each piece of the uniform is then sewn together and final details are then completed. The production of these handmade uniforms takes about 4 weeks from the time that artwork, sizing, names and numbers are finalized.  

6. Bagging, Boxing and Delivery – We take pride in providing total customer service for quick and easy distribution. No more getting a box of random items that you have to sort through in your garage for 2-3 days to figure out what uniform goes to which player. At Caño each uniform is bagged individually and labeled for each player and then the uniforms are boxed and delivered to each player or to the club by team for easy distribution. Total hassle free delivery and distribution!